The Eighth Computational Anatomy Seminar

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  • Date
    • March 04(Fri), 2011
  • Time
    • 18:00 - 19:00
  • Venue
    • Kyushu University, Japan
  • Admission
    • Free


  • Speaker
    • Prof. Richard M. Satava, The Department of Surgery at the University of Washington
  • Title
    • Advanced Technology and the Future of Surgery
  • Abstract
    The rate of technology innovation is changing all aspects of our lives, including the field of Medicine. Therefore, for the surgeon, clinical practice will never be the same, with new diagnostic tools and surgical procedures being invented using inter-disciplinary teams from information science, engineering, biotechnology, psychology and aviation to change the very face of Surgery.It is essential to understand the changes in basic science as applied to Surgery in order to make even more discoveries and to learn how to take great new ideas and change them into new healthcare products and procedures. Not only is the practice of medicine changing, but Science itself is undergoing radical change – and these changes have profound effect on surgery. Just as important are the technologies that are changing the foundations of medical education, from the new definition of the meaning of ‘competency’ to the technologies like virtual reality, team training and simulation.This lecture will look at what the revolutionary changes in Science are, how these changes are impacting on the way we practice surgery, and review some of the new diagnostic, therapeutic and educational devices that are leading this revolution. Near term innovations in robots, NOTES, virtual reality, surgical simulation and others are ready for clinical trials. In addition, there are many new ideas in the laboratory which have great potential and which will radically change what the future will be. These include tissue engineering, plasma medicine, intelligent prostheses, brain-controlled devices, genetic engineering, cellular surgery and suspended animation, to mention a few. While there is great promise for the future of medicine, there are also profound moral and ethical questions which must be confronted – never has so much technology offered so much for our patients with such great challenges for the profession.

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