The Eighteenth Computational Anatomy Seminar

The Eighteenth Computational Anatomy Seminar


•Date & Time ◦Sep 13, 2013, 11:10 - 12:00, 15:05-15:55

•Venue Chiba University, Nishi-Chiba Campus, bldg. 15, room 110

•Admission ◦Free


  • Lecture 1 : Sep 13 11:10 - 12:00
    • Shiro IKEDA(The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
    • Title
      • Sparse Modeling and Information Processing
    • Abstract
      • Recently, many information processing methods, which utilize the sparsity of the information source, are forming a big trend. Here, we call them sparse modeling." This trend emerged in 90's. The methods like LASSO in statistics and compressed sensing in information theory are important representatives, and now many fi elds, which are not restricted to, but include optimization theory, machine learning, image & signal processing, brain science, and physical measurements, are involved. Sparse modeling proves many information processing methods, such as compression, model selection, noise reduction, clustering, and recognition. In this talk, fundamental problem is explained with some applications.

  • Lecture 2 : Sep 13 15:05 - 15:55
    • Hideki Hayashi (Chiba University)
    • Title
      • Near-infrared fluorescence imaging as a guide for safe and secure minimally invasive surgery
    • Abstract
      • Near-infrared fluorescence imaging with the use of indocyanine green has recently garnered much attention in various type of navigation surgeries. ICG is a hydrophilic dye and it can be used as a fluorescent contrast agent to visualize blood and lymph vasculatures as well as bile duct. We synthesized a hydrophobic ICG derivative and examined its usefulness as a fluorescent ingredient to compose a tracer to detect sentinel lymph nodes and a tissue marker enables intraoperative tumor localization under the laparoscopic guidance for gastrointestinal cancer surgeries.


  • Akinobu Shimizu (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology)
    • E-mail simiz @

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