Publication List

Research Group A01

  • A01-01 Mathematical Foundations of Computational Anatomy (PI: Yoshitaka Masutani, The University of Tokyo)
  • A01-02 Fundamental Technologies for Computational Anatomy (PI: Yoshinobu Sato, Osaka University)
  • A01-03 Model Construction for Computational Anatomy (PI: Hiroshi Fujita, Gifu University)
  • A01-04 Integration of Medical Imaging and Computer-Aided-Diagnosis (PI: Hiroyuki Kudo, University of Tsukuba)
  • A01-05 Quantitative Diagnosis of Hepatic Diseases based on Ultrasound Tissue Elasticity Imaging and Mechanical Model of Hepatic Fibrosis (PI:Tsuyoshi Shiina, Kyoto University)
    • FY2010?
    • FY2011?
  • A01-06 An atlas-based modeling of lung collapse simulation for system to navigate tumor position (PI: Yo Kobayashi, Waseda University
  • A01-07 Statistical Liver Atlas for Computer-aided Diagnosis of Chronic Liver Disease (PI: Yen-Wei Chen, Ritsumeikan University)

Research Group A02

  • A02-01 Computer-Aided Diagnosis Based on Computational Anatomical Models (PI: Noboru Niki, The University of Tokushima)
  • A02-02 Fusion-Aid for Diagnosis and Surgery Based on Computational Anatomy Models (PI: Kensaku Mori, Nagoya University)
  • A02-03 Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Autopsy Imaging Based on Computational Anatomy (PI: Akinobu Shimizu, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
  • A02-04 Computation of a Japanese standard brain model using anatomical standardization technique for each gender and age groups based on the brain MRI database (PI: Hiroshi Fukuda, Tohoku University))
  • A02-05 Accurate image understanding based on spatial statistical analysis and machine learning and its application to CT (PI:Hotaka Takizawa, University of Tsukuba )
  • A02-06 Building a statistical model of deformation of lung due to respiration and clinical application (PI: Hideaki Haneishi, Chiba University )
  • A02-07 Reconstruction of Computational Anatomy Model using 3D Autostereoscopic Image for Computer-aided Diagnostic and Therapeutic System (PI: Hongen Liao (The University of Tokyo)
    • FY2010?
    • FY2011?
  • A02-08 Ultrasound Image Interpretation and Computer-Aided Diagnosis based on Simulation Model of Tissue Structure Change (PI: Hiroyuki Hachiya, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • A02-09 Construction of Brain Simulator System for Computer-aided Diagnosis and Therapy (PI: Yasushi Miyagi, Kyushu University)

Research Group A03

  • A03-01 Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Computational Anatomical Model and Application of Computer-Aided Autopsy Imaging (PI: Shoji Kido, Yamaguchi University)
  • A03-02 Clinical Application of the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Model Assisted by the Computational Anatomy (PI: Makoto Hashizume, Kyusyu University)
  • A03-03 Anatomical Validation and Clinical Feasibility of Fiber-Tractography based on Diffusion Tensor Imaging (PI: aoya Hashimoto, Osaka University)
  • A03-04 Medical Cloud Computing for Clinical and Educational Supporting System using Computational Anatomy (PI: Maki Sugimoto, Kobe University)
    • FY2010?
    • FY2011?
  • A03-05 Minimally Invasive Surgery Simulator by Real-time FEM analysis Using Computational Anatomy Model (PI: Ken'ichi Morooka, Kyusyu University)
    • FY2010?
    • FY2011?
  • A03-06 The Development of a Color Information Database and The Statistics Tissue Diagnosis Support Method of The Endoscope Mucosa Image (PI: Toshiaki Nagakura, Osaka Electro-Communication University)
  • A03-07 Construction of Mathematical Anatomy Database and Clinical Application of Computer-aided Diagnosis and Therapy Systems for Establishment of the Computational Anatomy (PI: Kazunari Misawa, Aichi Cancer Center)

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